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GMT Asia is the Asian leading company in selling, distributing and marketing of Heat-Not-Burn products, e-cigarettes, and liquor to our dedicated wholesale distribution channel throughout the region. We are committed to bring together a unique array of exciting heating tobacco, e-cigarette, and liquor brands, and to create a bridge for many international brands from around the world in penetrating into Asian market


Satisfying Your Needs

Original Plus

Double Your Pleasure


Cool & Refreshing

Mint Plus

Feel The Ice Crisp In Every Puff


Sweet & Refreshing


Pure, So Fresh So Cool


Feel The Sweetness Anytime

Evo is a Chinese heating sticks brand manufactured under Kuanzhai by Sichuan Tobacco Industrial Co. Ltd.
Evo heat sticks are designed to fit most of the Heat-Not-Burn devices in the market, such as IQOS, JLV, Lambda, Lil, Q3. The product series consists of seven (7) flavors.

Lono is a tobacco-free and less harmful alternative you can find in the market. Containing native botanic fragrance granules with small unit volume are compatible with most of the HNB devices like IQOS, JLV, Lambda, Lil.


Nothing brings more satisfaction than Lono Regular smooth refreshing taste.
Warm taste.


Mints that soak the heart and lungs. Always a dark green that inspires you. Cold and minty flavor won't leave you dissatisfied.

Yugen Lavender

Mysterious purple, let you explore the depths of the taste bud. Dive into winter in summer.

JLV is a German brand manufacturing Heat-not-Burn products like heat sticks and heating devices to deliver the highest level of satisfaction for adult smokers.

JLV Cube Mini

JLV  Cube Mini is made of FDA certified materials. The device has an Intelligent Temperature Control Technology to deliver the best smoking experience. The Intelligent Temperature Control Technology allows manual adjustments of heating temperature since not all heating sticks are to be heated at the same temperature.

Device Specifications:

Net Weight: 56g

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Charging Time: 28min

Battery Capacity: 890mAh

Warm-up Time: 15sec

Smoking Time: 300sec

Heating Temperature: 200-300C

Can Be Smoked On Full Charge: 15 heat sticks

Compatibility: Compatible With Heets, Evo, Lono, Marlboro Heat Sticks

Lambda is a Chinese brand manufacturing high-class Heat-Not-Burn devices. Lambda's products are well-known for its durability and persistence. Become an owner of one of it!

Lambda T3

Lambda T3 is a solid device that offers 18-20 consecutive uses, temperature adjustment, and automatic cleaning.

Device Specifications:

Net Weight: 70g

Material: Glass + Aluminum Alloy

Charging time: 70min

Battery Capacity: 1500mAh

Smoking Time: 5 mins 30s

Temperature: 2 levels (Standard / High Temperature)

Smoke on One Full Charge: x18 heat sticks

Heat stick Compatibility: Compatible with IQOS Sticks

Temperature Adjustment: Yes

RELX is the best alternative for people who want to quit smoking. Being a closed pod-system vape, it delivers the same amount of satisfaction to the smokers and, as a result, helps people to stop smoking cigarettes.

What are the RELX device specifications?

What does e-liquid pod contain?

RELX e-liquid pod has a capacity of 2ml and contains 3% or 5% nicotine salt, propylene glycol, glycerol, and flavoring. What is it needed for?

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