Why Should You Consider Switching From Traditional Cigarettes To Heat-Not-Burn tobacco?

Nowadays, people are more concerned about their health than ever. People tend to eat healthy food, engaging in more sport activities, quitting smoking and drinking. It is definitely a great challenge for a humans to break their habits: some people finally quit, but some find it too difficult to make it. Of course it is hard when one day you just stop doing something you were doing for so many years, but do you really need to do so? What if I told you there is an easier, but a little longer way to quit smoking, would you take the chance? This article is made specifically for those people who wanna take an easy way!

We are glad that you consider quitting smoking for good!! And it is made so easy now to do so, thanks to the people and technological advancements. Currently, you can find so many alternatives to smoking traditional cigarettes: Heat-Not-Burn tobacco, e-cigarettes, vapes. You may say "Huh, it's like switching from drinking Coca-Cola to Pepsi, why would I ever do that". But the impact on your body is different, and let me tell you how.

HNB devices heat tobacco within a specific temperature range at about 300-350℃, using an electronic heat-control system to prevent it from burning, and it is enough to create a nicotine containing aerosol, but not enough to burn the tobacco. In comparison, normal cigarettes combust tobacco at the temperature of about 600℃.

HNB tobacco release lower level of toxic chemicals compared to traditional cigarettes according to the past researches. It is basically achieved since tobacco is not burning. When you light up a cigarette it is releasing thousands of chemicals including carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and ammonia. In comparison, HNB tobacco is being heated, not burnt, so the level of toxic chemicals is lesser. However, people should understand that HNB products does not fully eliminate any risk of disease due to smoking.

HNB tobacco can be smoked indoors, while traditional cigarettes (generally) not. HNB products does not burn neither tobacco nor paper and it does not produce ash and smoke. Instead, it is using heating systems to generate an aerosol inhaled by users. Compared to traditional cigarettes, due to combustion of tobacco and paper, it does produce ash and smoke.

Also, when switching to HNB tobacco, you can forget how bad your fingers smell and especially forget the aftertaste of smoking. How many of you get rejected because you "Smell like an ashtray"? I bet a lot...

Oh yeah, and no more teeth yellowing!! Basically, your teeth are getting yellow because of the smoke produced by a combusted cigarette.

So my question is: Do you still think there is no difference between traditional combusted cigarettes and HNB tobacco? It may really help you to quit smoking and live a better life. You won't ever come back to traditional cigarettes, you would even find it difficult to stay beside people who smoke, because of the smell... And it is actually great!

And one thing should be pointed out: we are tolerant to all people whether you smoke cigarettes, HNB tobacco, or e-cigarettes.
and we are not encouraging non-smokers to ever try these products. However, it is your own choice either to do so or not.

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